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Must see! Cool furniture made from cars

There are many different creative ways to make furniture and other items to decorate any home or office facility. In fact, the more people begin to think out of the box, the more people tend to find ways to build things that others may have never thought of before. Going the extra mile to create…

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Toronto issues an extreme cold weather alert

A windchill of -19 degrees has prompted the City of Toronto to issue an extreme cold weather alert Wednesday night. “Exposure to cold weather can be harmful to your health,” said Toronto’s medical health office Dr. Eileen de Villa. At these temperatures exposed skin can lead to frostbite in just 10 minutes. It’s important to…

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Smile! Photo Radar Coming to Toronto This Year

  Smile! You’re on camera! It won’t be long until photo radars are back in Toronto and the City is poised to launch the project in 2019. More than 700 locations have been designated for installation of the ASE (Automatic Speed Enforcement) system. Fines will range from $21 for going 1 km/hr over the speed…

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Ever Wondered What Happens to Old Tires?

Globally, an estimated one billion tires reach the end of their useful lives every year. Management of scrap tires in environmentally sound and productive ways continues to be a high priority goal. Various efforts in all parts of the globe are currently underway to address the scrap tire issue and good progress is being made.…

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Wedding ring lost 45 years ago found in car engine

You expect to find piston rings in a car engine, but a wedding ring? That’s exactly what Will Frye of Dubuque, Iowa, came across when he was taking apart the V8 he’d pulled from the 1972 Oldsmobile 98 junker that he’d just picked up for parts. Frye told KCRG that he called the former owner,…

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Pirelli Makes E-bike Tires from Used Tires

Tire Recycling

Pirelli has propelled a progression of e-bicycle tires that incorporates reused content from end-of-life vehicle tires. Pirelli uncovered its Cycl-e scope of three models at the yearly Eurobike expo in Germany in September. The new range was created in light of supportability as it fuses piece elastic sourced from utilized Pirelli tires. They are accessible…

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Why Recycle Your Vehicle?

Over 80% of your vehicle will be recycled. A major reason to recycle cars is that the parts and metals from your vehicle can be reused for other purposes. Recycling a vehicle safely disposes of hazardous materials such as batteries, oils, coolant, brake fluids and air conditioning gases. Once every hazardous materials are removed, the…

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