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Today over, 23 million cars are registered to ply on Canadian roads. Of the registered vehicles, over 13 million cars are more than 8 years old. Back in the 1960s, the mean lifespan of a vehicle could not exceed 162,000 km. Currently, this average lifespan of cars is close to 225,000km. This is an indication that older vehicles in Canadian roads are more than before.

You can enormously impact to the environment, you pocket and supporting homegrown green businesses by being part of Auto Heaven. Besides, you will also help Canadian aid organizations.

Auto Heaven has teamed up with national Canadian aid agencies, and the money generated from your recycled car will be channelled to your chosen charitable organization. Besides, you will attract a charitable tax receipt in line with the income generated from your vehicle.

An old vehicle presents a challenge in fuel consumption, smog-forming emissions and air pollution compared to new cars. Old vehicles lack modern technology necessary to reduce air pollution and formation of smog. The automobiles also have dangerous substances like mercury switches that must be disposed of correctly.

Modern technology has resulted in the manufacture of vehicles that are more fuel efficient than the older generation of vehicles. You can save 20 to 40% every year in fuel costs if you recycle your old car and adopt an exact new model. You can undoubtedly save more in fuel costs if you choose other modes of transportation like bicycles, walking to work or sharing vehicles.


Smog is an immense challenge in Canada that poses a severe health hazard to all citizens. In Ontario only, nearly 9,500 smog-related premature deaths are recorded each year based on the latest report from the Ontario Medical Association (OMA). In heavily inhabited areas, all over Canada, buses, cars and trucks are the leading sources of smog. Air pollutants like volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), fine particulate matter and nitrogen oxides form smog. Vehicles manufactured before the year 2004 are 39 times more polluting than current models.

Advancements in the design of automobile exhaust systems have led to a significant reduction in air pollution by vehicles in the last 25years. Canada is experiencing a decline in smog emissions specifically from NOx and hydrocarbons as more and more new cars enter our roads.

Vehicle manufacturers in Canada have instituted five continuous generations of environmentally friendly equipment in new vehicles. Current automobiles limit smog-causing pollutants by as high as 99%.

Auto Heaven has contributed to the reduction of smog-emission pollutants by 4.925 by taking way over 120,000 vehicles from Canadian roads.


Responsible auto recycling dictates that cars should not land in our landfills and all dangerous substances from the vehicles are not discharged in our soil, air and water. Your vehicle is one of the most significant items that can be recycled. Scrap vehicle removal companies working with Auto Heaven recycle and reuse over 80% of the car and make sure that the rest is carefully disposed of.


Upon picking your car, we will make sure that your vehicle is recycled at their facility in an eco-friendly way. The recycling process is divided into three steps;


  • Pre-treatment: This involves the removal of the vehicles operating fluids


  • Parts reuse: disassembling of all the vehicle parts and components


  • Recycling of the items